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Headway Charity Golf Classic

Thank you to all who supported our 25th Silver Anniversary Charity Golf Classic Tournament. Best EVER!


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People always say “keep your head down,” well I don’t like to say that; just keep it still.  It’s like the old song goes: the head bones connected to the neck bone, the neck bones connected to the shoulder bone etc.  Once we move our head the rest of our body moves along with it, including our shoulders, arms, hands and therefore golf club.  Our goal when hitting a golf ball is to (mostly) return our body position at impact to the same position as when we set up to or addressed the ball. Moving our head from that original position makes it near impossible to return to a position we originally set up in. Trust me, it’s much nicer to see the last half of a good shot than all of a bad one!



Golf shoes have spikes in them for a reason; to help in keeping our feet steady and our body in balance while we swing.  Swinging wildly for the fences, although providing some nice comic relieve for our friends, really does nothing for our golf swing.  We all need to swing at our own tempo which is as strong as we can, while still maintaining our balance.  Every swing should be finished with a balanced finish, the club around our body and held behind our head, our body turned with belt buckle facing our target, and our left leg straight and our right foot turned up onto its toe (for right handers, opposite for hockey playing lefties!)


3) HAVE FUN!!!

Golf is a game and games are meant to be fun, monopoly, clue, dodgeball, baseball,golf, they are all the same.   The best and easiest way to a better golf game, is have some fun!  Take a second to look around at your surroundings, a beautifully manicured acreage of golf course, good friends, and  nice weather (hopefully) how can this be a bad day? Keep your head still; stay in balance; and always, always HAVE FUN!



Ian Stone

Head Professional

Uplands Golf Club<>


Posted by Ian Stone, Head Professional Uplands Golf Club on 21st May 2014 10:28am