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Parkinson's Blog

My Day

I woke up this morning from not having slept much

Laid in my bed not thinking of such.

I look at the clock knowing well what it says

Five thirty A.M. not even sun rays.

I stretched out my legs and raised up my arms,

Felt pretty good, poor sleep, no harm.

Maybe this PD was just a bad dream,

If I just stay in bed that’s what it will seem.

But I prop up my body and swing out my legs.

So far so good my wishful heart begs.

My feet  touch the floor, cause that’s what feet do,

Then comes the tingle in the toes flowing through.

The body manages to straighten up tall,

Watch that first step, one freeze and I’ll fall.

I manage to shuffle across the wood floor.

Into the bathroom and closing the door.

I turn on the water, wash the junk from my eyes,

Look hard in the mirror, a sight for sore eyes.

Run a brush through my hair, whatever is left,

Stretch more with the legs, the right then the left.

What I do next is not to be told,

So on with the next thing, as this day will unfold.

I slide through the bedroom with socks on my feet,

to muffle the noise so my dear wife can sleep.

I walk through the house with arms at my sides,

must take my meds then off for a ride.

My walking improves as the pills do their thing,

I have no idea what this day will bring.

My life before Parkinson’s wasn’t nearly as fun,

Today it won’t matter how much I get done.

I’ll try to accomplish as much as I can,

but no multi-tasking, I’m only a man.

No matter what happens one thing I can say:

I’ll still have this PD at the end of the day.

So I might as well smile, though you likely won’t notice,

Got a mask on my face, it’s what a doctor would call this.

Now that I’ve finished with all my complaining,

I’ll step out the door and hope it’s not raining.

So why am I telling you all of this stuff?

Cause life must go on, no matter how tough.

Just  look around and see where you live,

Incredibly blessed with all that we have.

So life with PD isn’t really that bad,

Be cheerful and loving, don’t look so sad.

So how should I end this little pep-talk?

I’ll go take a nap, maybe sleep like a rock.

Posted by Alf Todd on 29th Apr 2014 10:31am