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We provide everything from personal and family consultation, workshops and information sessions, group support sessions and specialized exercise classes.


Our professional staff offer a wide variety of services to clients at all stages of the life cycle, from children to seniors, and their loved ones.


We welcome calls for information and assistance - connecting with schools, workplaces and the community.

Giving Tuesday

Thank you to all who gave so generously to HeadWay during Giving Tuesday. Your donations are greatly appreciated.


Victoria Epilepsy & Parkinson's Centre

Parkinson's Blog

Singing for Parkinson's

On Dec 16, I was invited to the West Shore Parkinson’s Support Group. A happy hour and a half was spent doing VoiceWorks with the lovely folks there. We explored our physical edges, warmed up our voices, drew breath and sang. After some call/response and circle singing, the group composed a funky blues song that really got us groovin’.  

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Posted by Margot Johnston on 6th Jan 2015 11:17am

Thoughts on Walking for Parkinson's Patients

There is no known cure for Parkisnon's, but there is help. I was delighted to find one form, not a drug but a walker (henceforth IT, meaning a stressed ‘it’ not ‘Information Technology.) However, I had the traditional male reluctance to use such a device, very likely to avoid the white cane problem, which tells those of limited mental perception that the cane user was defective, hence to be pitied or derided. It seems that this is what most males under about age 65 fear. One day, after a rough walk, I began to think differently about IT and I decided, or maybe it was my wife who decided, that I should try out that silly thing.

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Posted by Charles T. Meadow on 3rd Jul 2014 11:36am


Our Annual Charity Golf Tournament is quickly approaching! Looking to improve your game this year? Here's some practical tips from head professional Ian Stone from Uplands Golf Club. 


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Posted by Ian Stone, Head Professional Uplands Golf Club on 21st May 2014 10:28am

Parkinson's and Exercise

On Wednesday April 29th, Hillary Acosta from Neuromotion physiotherapy, came to share more information on PwR, which stands for Parkinson’s wellness recovery. While we learnt so much about why this type of program has been shown to be helpful for those with Parkinson’s, the take home message was ANY exercise is good for individuals who have Parkinson’s. 

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Posted by Sandra Graham on 2nd May 2014 12:54pm

Upcoming Workshop

Research? We’re asking you!

A Workshop to Develop Research Questions with Island Health

  • Do you have direct experience with Parkinson’s Disease?
  • Do you have questions about Parkinson’s or care that health professionals and Google haven’t been able to answer?
  • Do you feel that there’s a knowledge gap related to Parkinson’s care?

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Posted by Island Health on 29th Apr 2014 1:28pm

My Day

This is an entry that has been submitted by one of our members. A pep talk of sorts. Enjoy.

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Posted by Alf Todd on 29th Apr 2014 10:31am

Shaken, not stirred.......a Journey with Parkinson’s Disease

I have written this to shed some light on what this disease is about personally; if I can improve people’s understanding of how it manifests itself, I have met my goal.

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Posted by Robin Dunn on 31st Mar 2014 1:00pm

Review of Anti-Parkinson's Medication

All medications have side effects, so the decision to use meds is based on weighing the potential benefits against potential side effects. Sometimes a trial of medication is needed to learn about the potential pros & cons for each person.

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Posted by Maureen Matthew, Parkinson's Coordinator on 5th Dec 2013 10:25am

Requip Class Action

RE: REQUIP Class Action (Grosu v. GlaxoSmithKline)

If you have ingested ReQuip and you claim, as a result, to have suffered damages relating to impulse control behavior such as pathological gambling, hyper-sexuality, compulsive shopping or binge eating, it is in your interest to apply to participate in the Negotiation Process.

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Posted by Sandra Graham, Community Awareness Coordinator on 3rd Dec 2013 4:17pm

Acknowledgment to our membership

Here at Headway Victoria Epilepsy and Parkinson’s Centre, we continue to include input provided by our Parkinson’s advisory committee within our service delivery plan and we are so thankful for such an active membership. Our members are passionate leaders in their community. They are advocates, and key players in promoting change in service delivery and research.

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Posted by Sandra Graham, Community Awareness Coordinator on 24th Oct 2013 2:04pm