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Epilepsy Blog

Tips for the person with epilepsy



1. Relax, take it easy on a seizure day or days.

I choose not to go out when I am having seizure clusters. I may relax on the couch, read, pet the cat- simply relax.




2. If I go out on “seizure cluster” days, I go out with my husband, not alone.

I avoid doing anything strenuous or stressful. If I have a bath, I tell my husband I am going to leave the bathroom door open, “just in case.” I don’t fill the tub to a high level or have a bath when I am home alone.

If I feel like I am going to have a seizure, I don’t have a bath at that moment. However, if I am already in the tub and I feel dizzy, or fuzzy like I am going to have a seizure I yell “help.” I call out to my husband and I unplug the tub. I do take an anti-anxiety pill (lorazapam) to help me relax and sleep, if I am very stressed out with the seizure clusters. I tell myself, “this too shall pass.” And it does…I have prayed, meditated, envisioned nature waves etc.-whatever relaxes me.


3. I don’t drink caffeine on multiple seizure or seizure cluster days.

On seizure free days I may have one to two cups of tea or one coffee. But often I don’t drink caffeine. Instead I will drink juice, water or decaf coffee.


4. I ask for help with housework and I take breaks

I don’t do everything in one day, but I do a couple of the weekly chores and try to pitch in with daily chores when I can. I appreciate my husband’s help.


5. I have a daily schedule which I follow

I scratch off the items I have completed as I go along.


6. I have fun things to do

I have fun things to do by myself and ones to do with friends. I enjoy writing, walking, and reading. I also enjoy going for nature walks, listening to concerts and watching plays. I try not to think about my seizures when I am out with friends. They know I have them but it’s not my whole life focus.


7. Give a person a “heads up” if you feel you’re going to have a seizure

If I am feeling dizzy or fuzzy I tell my husband or friends I might have a seizure. I do have seizures without warnings but I try to let people know when I can.


8. Know your “Triggers”

-Or things that might aggravate or bring on seizures. I have light or photo-sensitivity seizures so I prefer to avoid wild light shows. I also try to avoid things that are stressful for me for example Christmas crowds and noise at the mall. I plan to do my Christmas shopping early. If I need to I give myself permission to take “time outs”-from stressful people and or situations.


9. If I feel I am going to have a seizure I look for a quiet place to sit with a friend or find a person who can wait with me until the seizure is over.

I would ask a person to sit with me in a quiet place until the seizure is over, asking them to calmly reassure me that they are there and I am safe, until the seizure is over. My husband has sometimes rubbed my back while doing this.


10. Look after your own health.

It comes first. There is always tomorrow and you don’t need to stay up late to get everything done.

Posted by member submission on 17th Feb 2014 12:00pm