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Victoria Epilepsy & Parkinson's Centre

Epilepsy Blog

Tips for the caregiver, caring for someone with epilepsy


1. Remove me or remove the danger 

My husband has yanked me right back off the road from behind my shoulders, as I was heading into traffic on a busy intersection. He acted quickly and saved my life.

2. If I am heading for something that could hurt me, don't hesitate to pull me away from it 

I am unaware of danger when I am having a seizure. I need your help to guide me away from danger.

3. Stay Calm

In a car pull over- Another time, I was sitting in the passenger seat beside my husband, when I started having a seizure. My husband pulled over to the side of the road, because he didn’t know what to expect and knew he would be distracted while driving. There was a policeman watching but luckily he didn’t ask my husband what was happening. My husband told me later that if he had, he would have said “It’s ok officer, my wife is just having a seizure.”

When in public- Walk and talk calmly and guide me by my shoulder when I am in a crowded area. I was out with a friend one day and had a seizure. I walked right into a busy parking lot. She grabbed my arm firmly above the elbow and guided me back to the sidewalk. She kept holding my arm and talked to me quietly and calmly. She said “It’s ok you are just having a seizure. You are with me and I am walking with you along the sidewalk and you are going to be ok. You are walking, keep going straight, that’s right…..”

When the seizure is over- After the seizure my friend told me, “You just had a seizure. How do you feel?” I told her that I was tired and unsure of where I was.” She told me, we were just heading towards the coffee shop. “Oh yes, I remember,” I said as I looked around. “I don’t feel like going into a crowded coffee shop right now though.” She suggested we go sit on a bench instead. We sat until I felt better then found a quieter place to have coffee.

4. Just do what you are doing if no danger is involved

I have stood in one spot and had a seizure at a concert. My friend just continued watching the concert. I was tensed up but she knew I’d come out of it soon. I did, and then I continued watching the concert. After the concert my friend told me I’d had a seizure. I told her I thought I’d missed a bit of the show.

Another time I was out sitting with friends when I had a seizure. I got all tensed up. They told others around us “She’s having a seizure. She’ll come out it. No worries.” And I did. Then they told me I had a seizure. It’s ok! Just keep calm and continue on as before. 

Posted by agency member on 10th Dec 2013 12:52pm